How Guaranteed Picks Work

Unlike other websites, we have full confidence in the quality of our picks and their ability to generate a profit consistently for the players. This is why we offer our picks guarantee on every race that you buy picks on. Here is how it works:

  • For every race at every track, we will give you our picks to win, for the exacta, for the trifecta and for the superfecta.
  • The picks are generated in real time by our artificial intelligence software based on the probabilities of each horse finishing at a given position as well as the current odds on each of the horses.
  • Our picks do not simply use the horses probabilities, as it might result in betting on winning horses that make you lose money in the long run because they have been bet too much by the general public. Instead our picks are based on a combination of price and probability to highlight the bets that offer you the most value.
  • Even better: we guarantee each purchase. If none of the picks we have suggested wins, we will refund the price of the picks for that race. The credit that was deducted from your account for your purchase of that race’s picks will be credited back.
  • For every race where we missed all the picks, we will credit back one credit, even if you have bought the full race card and each race cost you less than one credit.
  • With this picks guarantee, you basically have no risk in buying the picks… if they win, you win. If they don’t we refund you so what are you waiting for?
  • Add credits to your balance and start using our guaranteed picks right now.

In addition to the picks, your purchase gives you access to the win/place/show probabilities of every horse of every race. So if you don’t feel like using all the picks we suggest, you can build your own bet using the probabilities and comparing them to pari-mutuel prices.