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Updates on the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity Finals on December 13

Author: Don Mckee
Published: Thursday November 26, 2020

Notable talents in the industry will hotly contest the $1,977,250 Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity finals. Terrific Temper shows improved signs to participate. Terrific's performance on Sunday division trial wowed many fans, including the trainer who noted that the horse had significantly improved her lung capacity. Terrific Temper won the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association Breeders’ Futurity despite bleeding profusely at the end of the race.

The September 13 somber victory saw Terrific missing the $357,700 October 13 finals as he went on a 14-day veterinarian list. However, it is important to note that the weekend's win does not guarantee that he will participate in the finals. Nevertheless, some of the household names that bettors look up to include the following:

1. Famous Cartel Jess

All eyes will be on Johnny Trotter's owned Famous Cartel Jess as he swings into the 400-yard elite action. Famous Cartel is trained by the legendary Justin Joiner and has shown exemplary performance in the recent trials. He recently finished second to Monopolist in the two million trials. It is also important to note that he is the lead sire of One Famous Lady and recently finished in the ninth position at the Golden State Million. Famous Cartel Jess is a co-fourth fastest qualifier.

2. Monopolist

Monopolist is a second-fastest qualifier who survived all the trials to secure a one-half-length win in the $375,000 Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association Breeders’ Futurity. His trainer, James Glen Jr., notes that Monopolist is ready for the December two million cash race. You should also note that Monopolist managed to finish in the second position at California Breeders Freshman Stakes, which had a first position prize of $25,000.

3. Counting the Ways

Guadalupe Bujanda is optimistic that his horse, Counting the Ways, will pull a surprise win in the two-million December race. While we can only credit him for five starts, he dominated the Pat Hyland Memorial Handicap and won $20,000. Counting the Ways also managed to finish at the fifth position in the hotly contested Golden State Million.

4. Apollitical Patty

Apollitical Patty's breeding is quite forthcoming in long-distance races, and the 400-yard December 13 track shouldn’t prove a challenge to her. Being the fastest qualifier, optimistic bettors have all their eyes on her. She recently finished in second place in the Los Alamitos Juvenile Challenge that attracted a first position prize of $51,332. It is also important to note that she is the first sister of Zoomin For Spuds, a five-time qualifier for the Champions of Champions.

5. Doc Lamb

Lastly, you might also want to try luck with Doc Lamb even though he is the least experienced of all the above qualifiers. He made it to the list courtesy of his sterling performance at the maiden trials, finishing closely to Terrific Temper. Doc Lamb is trained by Jaime Gomez and shares DNA with the legendary A Painted Dynasty and Mr. PYC.

These are just among the cream that will be participating in the December 13 Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity. This race will be a must-watch or bet for many people. If you're wagering, kindly consider a sportsbook that spoils you with tons of welcoming bonuses.