Should You Pay for Horse Racing Picks?

Whenever you begin betting on horse racing, or even if you are an experienced bettor, you might wonder whether or not you should pay for horse racing picks. Novice bettors are especially attracted to this option as they have less experience with the ins and outs of the sport. 

While there are many reputable and profitable horse racing tipsters, who should always provide records of previous races, there is really no reason to spend money on them. Solid and profitable picks can be achieved just through studying the many resources available to you, and it allows you to use that otherwise spent money in the actual betting process. 

Here are a few things you can do to enable strong picks without the need for paying: 

Study the Race Program

The first key to achieving your own solid horse racing picks is to get a program for the race you are betting on. The racing program is one of the essential tools any bettor has available to them, providing tons of valuable information to make a calculated bet. 

On a horse racing program, which is offered at the track and through online publications, you will find morning line odds, race conditions, each horse and their pedigree, jockey, trainer, owner, past performances, equipment changes, medication usage, post position, and more. 

You want to turn most of your attention to the horse’s past performances, which provide deep insight into how the runner might perform in the race you are betting on. More specifically, you want to look at when the horse raced, if it was a graded or non-graded event, fractional times, finishing time, and the length of the race.

You can also develop your own strong picks by taking it even further, looking into the jockey, which most beginners overlook. The jockey is just as important when you are developing picks, as they are the driver of the horse. You can find the jockey’s history and information like their record, weight, and previous experience with the runner. 

In a race program, you will also find the trainers for each horse. With just a little bit of studying, you can learn about which trainers are the best in the sport, and there are many Hall of Famers that train today’s top horses. It is always a good idea to pay special attention to the horses trained by these individuals, as it can really help you develop better picks. 

Focus on the Win Bets

Another tip to make your own bets stronger is to focus on simple bets like the Win bet rather than exotic wagers like the Superfecta. Many bettors make the mistake of always focusing on across-the-board wagers or exotic ones like the Trifecta and Superfecta, but these are far more expensive than simple bets. Not only are they more expensive, but they are also much harder to hit.

While these more complex bets provide big payouts, you have a much higher chance of winning if you focus on the Win bet, which simplifies everything. For example, if you place three solid win bets on horses that offer a good value in a race, you will bring in a decent profit if just one hits. 

The opposite of this is placing Win, Place, and Show bets, which often require all three to run well to not risk two-thirds of your bet being tied up. 

Follow Racing News and Recaps

Another crucial step to developing your own strong picks starts long before and after any given race. There are many resources available to you for keeping up with the latest news and developments. Each week, you should be reading about upcoming races and previews, injuries, training sessions, and race recaps, even if you are not wagering on the majority of the races.

By paying attention to these updates, you will begin to become familiar with many names, whether it be horses, trainers, owners, jockeys, or tracks, which will lead to you being a more well-rounded bettor. 

For example, there are many lead-up races taking place months prior to the running of the famous Kentucky Derby, which has its own leaderboard tracking the top names of the year. If you pay attention to each one of these big races and who performed well, you will already have deep knowledge of the field in the Kentucky Derby, which is the biggest betting day in horse racing. 

Not only will you be better prepared to make winning picks in the Derby, but these same horses often run in the two other Triple Crown events and many other top-stakes races. 

There are many reasons why any bettor, novice or expert, does not need to pay for picks. You have access to countless resources, and in today’s digital age, they are easily accessed online. By reading race programs, strategizing which wagers you use, and following weekly racing news and developments throughout the year, you will be able to go into any race and place solid bets based on your own knowledge.